1. Purpose.

1.1. These legal terms and conditions regulate the use and conditions for accessing the website “” (hereinafter,, a website owned by “Julian Soler S.A." (hereinafter, “Julián Soler S.A.”).


1.2. By using and accessing this website, you (hereinafter, “user”) acknowledge that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and agree to comply with them in their entirety.


1.3. If you, as the user, do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, you should refrain from accessing this website.


2. Website ownership.

2.1. Pursuant to Law 34/2002, of 11 July and the other applicable legislation, you are hereby informed that the website is owned by the company trading under the name “Julian Soler S.A.”


2.2. The company’s registered address is located at Calle Príncipe, 64, Quintanar del Rey.


2.3. You can contact "Julian Soler S.A." by telephone at "967498508" or by email at ""


2.4. Unless otherwise indicated, communications with "Julian Soler S.A." may be made by ordinary post using the registered address indicated above or by email. The company will contact the user by email, using the address in its records, or provided to this end.


3. Website functionality.

3.1. “Julian Soler S.A.” reserves the right to amend, at any time, unilaterally and without the need for informing its users in advance, the content, structure, functioning and conditions for accessing this website.


3.2. However, the users of the website are aware and accept that part of the information it contains may be incorrect, incomplete or out of date, or contain spelling mistakes. “Julian Soler S.A.” is not required to update the content of this website and shall not be responsible for failing to update the information. It is the sole responsibility of the user to assess the accuracy and/or usefulness of any information, advice, opinion or any other content made available via the website.


3.3. Furthermore, “Julian Soler S.A.” reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, access to its website to perform maintenance, updates, improvements or repair work.


3.4. The user is prohibited from using this website to send, transfer or publish any illegal, threatening, slanderous, defamatory, propaganda, shocking, obscene, pornographic or any other material that may give rise to civil or criminal liabilities pursuant to the legislation in force. The user shall be held responsible for any such conduct.


3.5. “Julian Soler S.A.” is unable to guarantee that this website or the servers that host it are free from viruses or other types of potentially dangerous software, or the availability, continuity, usefulness and infallibility of the website’s functioning, or that of its services or contents; nor the lawfulness, reliability of usefulness of the information and content supplied by third parties via this website.


3.6. Generally speaking, this website may only be used by natural and legal persons with sufficient legal capacity pursuant to the applicable legislation. On an exceptional basis, the website may be used by minors who have obtained permission from their parents or guardians, who shall be responsible for the use of the website by the minors in their care.


4. User conduct. Prohibitions.

4.1. The use of the content and services offered by “Julian Soler S.A.” shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of the user.


4.2. The company assumes no duty or commitment for verifying or overseeing the content or information introduced by the users.


4.3. The user hereby commits to using the website and all its content and services in a diligent manner, pursuant to the laws in force, good morals and these general terms and conditions, always maintaining respect for other users.


4.4. Furthermore, the user hereby commits to using the material and information provided on the website responsibly, refraining from using them for unlawful or illicit activities, in breach of the rights of third parties or that infringe the intellectual and industrial regulations, or any other applicable legal standards, and shall be the only person responsible before “Julian Soler S.A.” and third parties for breaching the provisions of these terms and conditions.


4.5. The user hereby commits to refrain from broadcasting, introducing, disseminating or making any material and information available to third parties in breach of the law, morality, public order and these general terms and conditions.


4.6. In any case, the user shall always provide accurate information that does not lead to any confusion, in addition to correct identification details, never impersonating third parties or claiming to act on their behalf.


4.7. As regards the commission of any irregularity, please remember that your computer's IP address is registered when accessing our website.


5. Protected areas of the website.

“Julian Soler S.A.” does not require that the user registers or subscribes to its website.


5.2. The use of specific services may be dependent on the user first registering to open an account. This process shall be undertaken as set out on the website.


5.3. This website may contain areas to which access is restricted, protected by usernames and passwords or other security mechanisms. The user shall not try to access restricted areas of the website unless they have been duly authorised by “Julian Soler S.A.”, or try to circumvent or manipulate the protection mechanisms established thereby.


5.4. Users authorised by “Julian Soler S.A.” to access these protected areas shall be responsible for keeping their usernames, passwords and other security methods provided by “Julian Soler S.A.” to access these restricted areas secret, refraining from disclosing them to third parties. The user shall therefore be solely responsible for any damages arising from failing to keep the aforementioned security mechanisms secret.


The user is hereby informed that any attempt to obtain unauthorised access to restricted areas of this website shall result in civil and/or criminal liability.


6. Intellectual and industrial property.

6.1. All the website’s contents, including but not limited to, trademarks, logos, graphics, images, sound and video files, software, programming code, text, icons and names identifying services (hereinafter, “material”) are owned by “Julian Soler, S.A.” and are protected by the legislation in force as regards intellectual and industrial property.


6.2. The user’s access of this website shall not entail any type of waiver, transfer or assignment, either in full or in part, of these property rights; therefore, accessing this content or these elements does not grant, under any circumstances, the user the right to copy, sell, amend, reproduce, publish, transfer, assign or create new products and services deriving from the information and elements contained herein.


6.3. Therefore, the user of the website shall not, unless otherwise expressly authorised in writing by “Julian Soler S.A.”, copy, distribute, download, amend, delete, erase, change, publish, transfer or otherwise harness any of the material it contains.


6.4. The user acquires no rights or licences in relation to the service or the elements it entails, except the limited right to use the service pursuant to the applicable conditions. They may only use the contents and elements accessed via the services provided by “Julian Soler S.A.” for their own use and needs, and shall refrain from performing, either directly or indirectly, the commercial exploitation of the services, materials, elements or information obtained through them.


7. Data protection and privacy policy.

7.1. Pursuant to the provisions of the legislation in force as regards the protection of personal data “Julian Soler, S.A.” hereby informs the user of the existence of a data file containing personal data that users enter on the site. "Julian Soler S.A." is responsible for the file.


7.2. The user and the data subject is hereby informed and lends their unequivocal consent to their personal data being incorporated into the files of “Julian Soler S.A.” when they fill out these forms, in order to provide and offer our services as well as keeping users informed about the products offered.


7.3. “Julian Soler S.A.” hereby commits to complying with its duty of secrecy as regards the personal data and its duty to process them confidentially. To this end, it shall adopt the reasonable security measures provided for by law to prevent their amendment, loss or unauthorised access.


7.4. The user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition in relation to their personal data under the terms established by the law in force by writing to or Calle Príncipe 64, Quintanar del Rey.


8. Cookies policy.

8.1. Cookies are text files that the servers that host websites sent to user's browsers. Cookies cannot be run or contain viruses and they can only be read by the server that hosts the website.


8.2. This website requires the use of Cookies for it to work correctly.


9. Information relayed by Users.

9.1. This website may contain public forums, chars and other mechanisms through which users can express their opinion and exchange files in electronic format. The information, communications and files sent using these forums and chat rooms, in addition to the email addresses and other communications disseminated by the users shall not be considered confidential material.


9.2. When the users transfer or publish any information via this website, they are providing “Julian Soler S.A.” with permission to use said information, including but not limited to, the use, reproduction, transfer, publication and sending of said information for any purpose, including but not limited to the reproduction, disclosure, transfer, publication or sending of said information.


9.3. “Julian Soler S.A.” assumes no responsibility for the content of the information or communications sent by its users via these areas.


10. Disclaimer of warranty.

10.1. All the information contained on this website is provided "as is", without “Julian Soler S.A.” providing any other warranties, whether explicit or implicit, in relation to the accuracy, reliability and integrity of the website. “Julian Soler S.A.” provides no other warranties, whether explicit or implicit, including but not limited warranties for quality breaches, warranties of merchantability or warranties of suitability for a specific purpose.


10.2. “Julian Soler S.A.” is unable to guarantee that this website or the servers that host it, are free from viruses and other malware.


10.3. “Julian Soler S.A." is unable to guarantee the availability, continuity, usefulness or infallibility of this website, its services or content; nor the reliability or usefulness of the information or content supplied by third parties via this website. Despite “Julian Soler S.A.” making reasonable efforts to guarantee the availability, access, continuity and infallibility of the functioning and its services, “Julian Soler S.A.” is unable to guarantee these, as they may be affected by a range of factors outside its control. As a result, it shall not be responsible (subject to the limits established in the legal system in force), for any damages and losses suffered by the user as a result of its unavailability, inaccessibility or lack of continuity.


11. Limitation of liability.

11.1. “Julian Soler S.A.” assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages, loss of profits or loss of data and/or customers resulting from the use of the website by the users, or their inability to use it.


11.2. This website may contain links and references to other websites that may not be controlled by “Julian Soler S.A.”, in which case “Julian Soler S.A.” shall not assume liability for the content that may appear on these websites.


11.3. The user hereby expressly holds “Julian Soler S.A.” harmless for any liability for any actions or omissions on the part of users based on the content hosted on this website.


11.4. The user understands and expressly accepts that when downloading or otherwise obtaining any content, software or other material via this website, they do so at their own risk and that as the user, they shall be responsible for any data loss or damages caused to their computer systems.


11.5. "Julian Soler S.A." has used all the reasonable measures to ensure that the information provided on the website is correct. However, the users of the website accept that part of the information it contains may be incorrect, incomplete or out of date, or contain mistakes.


12. Right of exclusion and severability.

12.1. “Julian Soler S.A.” reserves the right to cancel, delete and disallow the use of all and any services provided on the website to any user without the need for prior consent at its own discretion and no matter the circumstances, when the user is believed to be using the website incorrectly.


12.2. If a competent court decides that any of the provisions in these terms and conditions is unlawful or invalid, said provision shall be excluded if so required by law. The user expressly accepts that all other provisions that have not been excluded shall not be affected and shall remain in full effect.


13. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

13.1 This website is located in and operated from Spain. All matters in relation to the website shall be governed by Spanish law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Spain, without the conflict-of-law rules applying. In cases in which the user is not considered a consumer, or their address is located outside Spain, “Julian Soler S.A.” and the user shall be subject to the courts of Albacete, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled.


13.2. If the user decides to use and consult this website from outside Spain, they must bear in mind that they do so at their own discretion, and that they are responsible for complying with the corresponding local laws.


14. Duration and review.

14.1. Although the legal relationship between “Julian Soler S.A.” and the user, resulting from accessing and using the website, has an indefinite duration, it shall be considered as ending whenever the company amends these general terms and conditions. At the time the company announces that these terms and conditions have been amended and the user accesses and uses the websites’ conditions and contents, it shall be considered that a new legal, indefinite relationship has been established between the parties.


14.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Julian Soler S.A.” is entitled to suspend, interrupt or unilaterally terminate the provision of any services offered, at any time and without the need for advance warning or just cause.


14.3. “Julian Soler S.A.” reserves the right to unilaterally review, without prior notice, these terms and conditions at any time. The reviewed conditions shall enter into force as soon as they are published on this website. If the user makes a regular use of this website, they shall review the conditions regularly and refrain from accessing the website if they do not believe any of the reviewed conditions are acceptable.


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