Information about R+D+i of grape juices and concentrates

At Julián Soler we are constantly improving our grape juice concentrates.

We work on innovation projects for their application in the food sector, baby food products, juices and soft drinks, wines and spirits, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, a sector that is very interested in the properties of our grapes due to their high antioxidant content, polyphenols, resveratrol, etc.

We are the strategic partner of many companies to help them develop innovative products from grape juice and concentrates.

We have our own laboratory and R&D department to contribute our know-how and develop new solutions together with our customers and achieve the desired product for the end consumer.

All the certifications we have obtained guarantee our quality and food safety.

The rise of the quest for wellness among consumers is driving the global alcoholic beverage industry to incorporate alternatives with little or no alcohol. Within this sector, wine producers have adapted to these new healthy trends and are also incorporating in their offer various non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic wine options, with flavours or bodies very similar

For consumers, healthy beverages are an excellent way to achieve that lifestyle that gives them a sense of all-around well-being. To do so, they demand a balance between profit, taste and sustainability. They still want interesting and delicious beverages, but without feeling guilty. In this post we focus on understanding what the consumer wants and

Grape juice & healthy facts

The medicinal value of grapevines, grapes and the juices of ripe grapes have been recognised and used since ancient times to treat various conditions, such as liver disease, cholera and constipation. For example, in ancient Greece, a drink of honey plus unfermented grape juice (oenomel) was created to treat gout and other nervous disorders. Today,

Currently, the use of fruit juices as a base for the production of functional and healthy beverages is an increasingly noticeable trend. Grape juice is one of the ones that contributes the most antioxidants to isotonic or sports drinks. Moreover, must contains key bioactive compounds for the balance of the microbiota and provides electrolytes and

Julián Soler concentrated grape juice is obtained by processing fresh grapes, extracting the juice from the fruit and subjecting it to processes of sterilization, evaporation under vacuum and filtering. It is a grape juice concentrate that preserves the organoleptic properties, vegetable compounds and nutrients of the grape, making it one of the foods with the

Grape sugars for the food industry

Grape sugars are valuable allies for the food industry. It is a 100% natural sugar that, thanks to its composition, increases the nutritional value of foods and beverages. In addition, it is an ideal ingredient to meet current food trends that seek to maintain a healthy diet. In the following post we will explain what

Grape harvest and types of grapes

The grape harvest connects us even more to our roots. It is a period in which, with respect and great joy, we receive the fruit that nature gives us after the painstaking, careful and arduous work we carry out in the largest wine region in the world, Castilla La Mancha. This year, despite the persistent