Information about our export, packaging and shipping services

With these articles, you will learn more about our export, packaging and shipping services for our grape juice concentrates. How we store and freeze the grape juice concentrate at Julián Soler, at -18ºC, allows all the organoleptic and physical-chemical properties of the product to remain intact.

At Julián Soler we treat the different products according to the needs of the client and those of the grape juice concentrate itself. From the largest wine-growing region in the world, Castilla-La Mancha, we have become leaders in exporting red concentrates from our country.

Just as storage is a key phase, so are packaging and dispatch. Through packaging in IBCs, standard drums or different types of drums and aseptic packaging (even shipped in bulk), shipment can be made by air, land or sea to more than 48 countries on 5 continents.

SVZ Transport

This is how we take our grape juice concentrate to Breda, the Netherlands, for our client SVZ. We use refrigerated trucks during transit, keeping the quality of the product intact to its destination.


Our drums freezing chamber is now holding the last batches of our grape juice concentrate for this season.In a few weeks the new grape harvest will begin and we will refill it with a new batch of grape juice concentrate.Thanks to the low temperatures (-18ºC) we are able to maintain the physio-chemical and the organoleptic properties

Thanks to our huge cold storage capacity we are able to supply Grape Juice Concentrate throughout the entire year, even during the summer months. Our end product is stored at cooling temperatures which maintains all its organoleptic and physicochemical properties intact.

The products of our clients

This drink is prepared with our red grape juice concentrate. It is a bubbly “bitter” with low alcoholic content (6% vol.alcohol), where our grape juice is macerated with traditional digestive herbs and its own carbonic from fermentation. It is an utter luxury to be able to rely on clients who prepare such innovative drinks!

Storage capacity

Every season we are able to store more than 20 million litres of grape must at our own facilities. This storage capacity enables us to provide a range of grape varieties throughout the year, which we use to make our red & white grape juice concentrates.