1- In a few words Who is Josefa, how do you define yourself? I define myself as a responsible, active and perfectionist person. 2- How long have you been working at Julián Soler and what are your duties? At the moment I am a filler, but I have done various jobs over the years in

1- In a few words Who is Audaz Escribano, how do you define yourself? Well, I like to define myself by living up to my name, which means “audacious” hahahaha. 2- How long have you been working at Julián Soler and what are your duties? My work at Julián Soler began about 12 years ago


Food pairing with grape juice? Food and drink pairing with fruit juices is becoming more and more popular in gastronomic offers. The end consumer demands new experiences, light, low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks and dishes made from unique flavour combinations and textures. Therefore, using juices as ingredients in a variety of dishes and desserts, as well

1- In a few words Who is Javier, how do you define yourself? I define myself as a committed, active, cheerful and ambitious person. I seek to have a positive impact on my environment. I like to listen to people, about their experiences and I try to be part of their story. 2- What work

Vidartis, más que un proyecto de Responsabilidad Social de Julián Soler

Art is a way of preserving, transmitting and promoting our most deeply rooted traditions. It is a superior form of expression that has the power to communicate through the forms and materials used by its author. And this is what Vidartis is all about, a project that manages to turn art into an ambassador of

Cómo detectar un mosto adulterado

Among the causes of the low quality of grape juice concentrate is its adulteration through the inclusion of ingredients or compounds such as exogenous sugars, water, colorants, aromas, etc. How to choose an authentic grape juice? For you to be sure of the high quality of the product you buy, we explain all the factors


White grape juice concentrate

Julián Soler has been manufacturing and exporting white and red grape juice concentrate for more than 50 years. Our process is unique and our product is 100% authentic and virgin. In today’s article we will detail what white grape juice concentrate consists of, what its characteristics are, how we produce it, how we store it

Julián Soler concentrated grape juice is obtained by processing fresh grapes, extracting the juice from the fruit and subjecting it to processes of sterilization, evaporation under vacuum and filtering. It is a grape juice concentrate that preserves the organoleptic properties, vegetable compounds and nutrients of the grape, making it one of the foods with the

Grape sugars for the food industry

Grape sugars are valuable allies for the food industry. It is a 100% natural sugar that, thanks to its composition, increases the nutritional value of foods and beverages. In addition, it is an ideal ingredient to meet current food trends that seek to maintain a healthy diet. In the following post we will explain what

Grape harvest and types of grapes

The grape harvest connects us even more to our roots. It is a period in which, with respect and great joy, we receive the fruit that nature gives us after the painstaking, careful and arduous work we carry out in the largest wine region in the world, Castilla La Mancha. This year, despite the persistent