We updated our brand

We share with you the process of updating our brand. At Julián Soler, we are constantly evolving and every day we strive to offer an authentic and safe product of the highest quality.This evolution needs to be communicated through our branding, to create what we like the most: the relationship of trust with our clients

Thanks to our grape suppliers we are able to guarantee fill traceability of our grape juice concentrate. At this time of the year every farmer shares every little detail in regards to the grape they have harvested (the grape variety, the vineyard of origin, spray calendar) which allow us to control the quality from the source.


Today we begin the 2021 harvest!In the next coming weeks we will process around 20.000 tonnes of grape in our very own facilities, mainly of the local varieties Bobal and Garnacha Tintorera.Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive further information about the new season.

Grape harvest is approaching

Grape harvest is approaching and with it the traditional must buns (“Bollos de Mosto”). At JULIAN SOLER we supply our grape juice concentrate in small containers (of 5 litres, 10 litres and 25 litres carafes) enabling you to make your very own buns in a natural way.Contact us if you need more information.


The grapes from our vineyard are already “taking on colour” “Taking on colour” is making reference to “veraison”, the moment in which red grapes begin to redden. The arrival of the “veraison” is one of the most remarkable moments the vineyard experiences. The colouring of the grapes begin, marking the commence of the phenolic ripening. The grapes take on

Team dynamics

A few days ago we employed some methods geared towards Team Dynamics. These techniques help improve the work environment and allow us to build more unified, more motivated and more human teams.

Agriculture and tradition

Although farming machinery has seen tremendous technical developments in the last few decades, we can still find some of the first tractors that used to be commonly used in our region and that can be considered authentic “museum pieces” today. In the image we can observe a Lanz 6516 tractor from the year 1960, restored

Closed for the holidays!

Please note that our office and factory will be closedFrom August 16th to August 20th (week 33)We will re-open on Monday 23 August Happy holidays to you all!

Our drums freezing chamber is now holding the last batches of our grape juice concentrate for this season.In a few weeks the new grape harvest will begin and we will refill it with a new batch of grape juice concentrate.Thanks to the low temperatures (-18ºC) we are able to maintain the physio-chemical and the organoleptic properties


Our vineyard is in the middle of the fruition period. We can already see the bunches of grapes from the Garnacha Tintorera variety.  At the moment we are carrying our what is called ”green harvesting/vendimia en verde” which involves eliminating a part of the young bunches if the plant is overloaded. This year being a year of heavy rain and splendid