A few days ago we carried out the FSA audit, which verifies environmental, economic, social practices and the management of our farmers.✔️This year we have incorporated new grape suppliers to this sustainable scheme which allows us to produce more than 700 tonnes of sustainable grape juice concentrate.

Commited to our community

On the 18th June we collaborated with the VII charity race for Afanion – Children with cancer. In which the students from CEIP “Paula Soler Sanchiz” of Quintanar del Rey participated. At JULIAN SOLER we completely support these charity initiatives. Social commitment has always been a fundamental aspect of our sense of responsibility as a company.

What better beverage to start the summer with than our chilled grape juice? Our 100% Tintorera Red grape juice is rich in antioxidants and it contains vitamin C and E which work together to delay celular ageing, maintaining skin condition and improving the appearance of sun spots.

Thanks to our huge cold storage capacity we are able to supply Grape Juice Concentrate throughout the entire year, even during the summer months. Our end product is stored at cooling temperatures which maintains all its organoleptic and physicochemical properties intact.


It is a gift of nature to see our product grow day by day. We love what we do and we want to share it with you. We call it AUTHENTICITY. The flowering of the grapevine happens in mid June. The flowers, white and tiny, open, waiting to be pollinated by the wind and insects. Once the flower has

At JULIÁN SOLER S.A. we make sustainable use of water, recycling the plant water that we generate in the concentration process and returning its own water to the vine through irrigation. How do we do it? Grape water is obtained during the concentration of our grape must. This water contains minerals and vitamins typical from

The products of our clients

This drink is prepared with our red grape juice concentrate. It is a bubbly “bitter” with low alcoholic content (6% vol.alcohol), where our grape juice is macerated with traditional digestive herbs and its own carbonic from fermentation. It is an utter luxury to be able to rely on clients who prepare such innovative drinks!


The foliation appearance of the leaves occurs in May. The leaves perform vital functions during the grape cycle: transpiration, respiration, and photosynthesis. Acids and sugars are also formed in the leaves, which will then be transported to the vagus and on which the taste and quality of our grape juice will largely depend.

Red grape juice

Functional beverages are drinks that are beneficial to our health, for instance red grape juice. It contains natural antioxidants amongst which resveratrol stands out. In addition it has vitamin C and mineral such as potassium, copper and iron which contribute to a normal functioning cognitive. Recharge yourself with grape juice!


Taking care of biodiversity means taking care of our birds. At this time of the year the most common species such as sparrows are in search of the ideal place to nest. Our commitment to biodiversity has led us to install nest houses in the pine forest adjacent to our factory, hence, helping the birds