Information about grape juice products and concentrates

At Julián Soler we work with different concentrated grape juices, using the Airén, Bobal or Garnacha Tintorera varieties depending on the result we want to obtain. Thus, we have white grape juice concentrate, red grape juice concentrate, high colour red grape juice concentrate and rectified grape juice concentrate.

Our grape juice concentrate is obtained from grape juice, from which we remove part of the water content by evaporation. It has 65/68º Brix and is used as a natural sweetener in fruit juices, wines and other foods.

The use of these concentrated juices is present in several productive sectors. They are not only used in the food industry but can also be found in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Los zumos concentrados de frutas representan una fuente deliciosa y rica en nutrientes esenciales para el organismo. Son perfectos para aprovechar los beneficios de la fruta fresca en la elaboración de una gran cantidad de alimentos y bebidas. Entre estos concentrados destaca el jugo concentrado de manzana, por su versatilidad y capacidad para saborizar los alimentos. Además, se destaca el zumo concentrado de uva, por su alto contenido de antioxidantes y su poder colorante. 

Citrus juices have special relevance around the world, both culturally and nutritionally, and are therefore in high demand. Among these citrus fruits is lemon juice concentrate, a product with multiple applications in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and nutraceutical industries, including the restaurant sector. Moreover, this concentrate represents a market with remarkable growth. Not only because

The ability to deliver comforting consumer delights, with increasingly healthier and more nutritious ingredients, is gaining ground in the food sector, more so in the chocolate industry. Consumers want sweets that are more natural, more nutrient-dense, lower in sugar and aligned with environmental protection. Chocolate is the perfect candidate to meet these demands. Firstly because

Grapes and their derivatives are the most important natural sources of resveratrol. For this reason, they are gaining prominence in various industries, such as nutraceuticals, for the formulation of enriched foods and healthy and functional beverages; cosmetics, to make moisturising creams, serums and make-up that benefit the epidermis; and nutricosmetics, to develop nutritional supplements that

There are several types of sugars in the daily diet. Some sugars are added to food, others are present in fruit and vegetables. The truth is that sugars are a source of energy and, according to the European Food Safety Authority EFSA, some types of sugars, such as glucose, are essential for the proper functioning

Increased production and diversification of products and solutions within the grape juice and concentrate industry at Julián Soler. Since our beginnings as grape juice concentrators in 1968, the significant increase in production experienced by Julián Soler over the years has been accompanied by technological innovation and diversification of products and solutions within the grape juice

Los azúcares naturales del zumo de uva ¿son saludables?

Wine is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, and there are so many varieties that there will always be one to suit every palate. For thousands of years, it has been part of the culture and life in society, and for years it has become an important pillar in the economy

Food pairing with grape juice? Food and drink pairing with fruit juices is becoming more and more popular in gastronomic offers. The end consumer demands new experiences, light, low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks and dishes made from unique flavour combinations and textures. Therefore, using juices as ingredients in a variety of dishes and desserts, as well

A high colour intensity in red grape juice concentrate is associated with its quality. However, during storage this typical red colour can change, which means not only a decrease in pigmentation but also the loss of important properties or characteristics of the grape juice. But is it possible to maintain the colour of the red


White grape juice concentrate

Julián Soler has been manufacturing and exporting white and red grape juice concentrate for more than 50 years. Our process is unique and our product is 100% authentic and virgin. In today’s article we will detail what white grape juice concentrate consists of, what its characteristics are, how we produce it, how we store it