Information about Vidartis, art with grape juice from Spain

This category of articles is about Vidartis, the project in which art is made from grape juice concentrate. Vidartis is an innovative project that fuses agriculture and art, where our products are used as pigments in different graphic expression techniques.

In this way, a type of art is created that connects viewers with our grapes and our roots. A type of art that becomes a unique, lively, innovative and, of course, ambassador of our land.

With different elements extracted from the vineyard itself, such as the soil, the vine shoots and layers of red, white and red Garnacha grapes, we manage to turn this natural material into art.

Vidartis, más que un proyecto de Responsabilidad Social de Julián Soler

Art is a way of preserving, transmitting and promoting our most deeply rooted traditions. It is a superior form of expression that has the power to communicate through the forms and materials used by its author. And this is what Vidartis is all about, a project that manages to turn art into an ambassador of

On November 16 we had a very special visit at the Julián Soler facilities in Quintanar del Rey. José María Fresneda, the president of ASAJA, the largest professional agrarian organization in Spain, came to see our VIDARTIS research project in person. The VIDARTIS project, directed by Ana Soler, our Quality Director, aims to study must