Information about events and fairs in the agri-food sector

Our attendance at events and fairs in the agri-food sector in which Julián Soler participates is very regular and is part of our continuous improvement to be always up to date. Every year we attend events and fairs all over the world where the different parties involved in the production, export and consumption of wines and grape juice concentrates come together.

These types of events allow us to showcase our Spanish concentrated grape juice to many other companies in the food and beverage sector. Very important relationships and alliances are established with customers and suppliers.

Having a space in this type of events also allows us to show not only the products we offer but also other important projects such as Vidartis, works of art created from grape juice concentrate as the only pigment.

Food pairing with grape juice? Food and drink pairing with fruit juices is becoming more and more popular in gastronomic offers. The end consumer demands new experiences, light, low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks and dishes made from unique flavour combinations and textures. Therefore, using juices as ingredients in a variety of dishes and desserts, as well

At Julián Soler we are very grateful and excited for the great interest that our innovative project VIDARTIS has aroused, presented at the Julián Soler stand at FENAVIN. The National Wine Fair has been the ideal scenario to present this Julián Soler’s project framed within CSR and Innovation. We thank all the people who visited

Anuga Fair

Due to the health emergency, we are experiencing, we have decided not to attend the ANUGA fair that will begin on the 9th of October in Cologne (Germany). Although we cannot meet in person, at JULIAN SOLER we continue our activities and we are always eager to help you. Contact us if you need information

Happy 2021!

“The twelve grapes” is a Spanish tradition which consists of eating twelve grapes in the exact moment that the 31st ends and the new year begins, the 1st of January. The twelve grapes symbolise the twelve months of the year. They ought to be eaten individually at each stroke of the clock. Following this tradition