Information about grape juice production process

We aim to show you each of the stages of our unique process, which we call ‘Nothing But Grapes’. Our grape juice concentrate production process is designed to produce a quality product that meets the highest food safety standards.

It all starts with the cultivation and harvesting of the grapes, which are picked at the optimum moment of ripeness to maintain their quality. Through different controls and analyses, the grapes are fully traceable and their composition is known in detail.

Then, after the physical processing of the grapes, other actions are carried out depending on the final product we want to obtain. Filtering the grape juice concentrate is the last step before it is packaged and sent to our customers.

The rise of the quest for wellness among consumers is driving the global alcoholic beverage industry to incorporate alternatives with little or no alcohol. Within this sector, wine producers have adapted to these new healthy trends and are also incorporating in their offer various non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic wine options, with flavours or bodies very similar

How is grape juice concentrated

How is grape juice concentrated?

Our #NothingButGrapes process is the result of years of experience and innovation. A unique method with which we achieve excellent grape juice concentrate production, designed to achieve the highest quality standards and offer our client companies an authentic grape juice to make their products for the end customer. At Julian Soler we work under this

Learn about the unique process of making the grape juice concentrate, ‘Nothing but Grapes’ made in Spain by Julián Soler At Julián Soler we take our motto ‘Nothing but Grapes‘ to its maximum definition. Our process for the production of the grape juice concentrate is unique and has been designed to offer the best quality


A correct calibration and verification of the weighing instruments is essential when carrying out any commercial transaction. At JULIAN SOLER we calibrate our scales every year, just before we start receiving fresh grapes, thus ensuring the weight of the delivered raw material to the farmer.

Thanks to our grape suppliers we are able to guarantee fill traceability of our grape juice concentrate. At this time of the year every farmer shares every little detail in regards to the grape they have harvested (the grape variety, the vineyard of origin, spray calendar) which allow us to control the quality from the source.


Today we begin the 2021 harvest!In the next coming weeks we will process around 20.000 tonnes of grape in our very own facilities, mainly of the local varieties Bobal and Garnacha Tintorera.Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive further information about the new season.

Grape harvest is approaching

Grape harvest is approaching and with it the traditional must buns (“Bollos de Mosto”). At JULIAN SOLER we supply our grape juice concentrate in small containers (of 5 litres, 10 litres and 25 litres carafes) enabling you to make your very own buns in a natural way.Contact us if you need more information.

Agriculture and tradition

Although farming machinery has seen tremendous technical developments in the last few decades, we can still find some of the first tractors that used to be commonly used in our region and that can be considered authentic “museum pieces” today. In the image we can observe a Lanz 6516 tractor from the year 1960, restored

At JULIÁN SOLER S.A. we make sustainable use of water, recycling the plant water that we generate in the concentration process and returning its own water to the vine through irrigation. How do we do it? Grape water is obtained during the concentration of our grape must. This water contains minerals and vitamins typical from

Vine Sprouting

We can already see the first buds in our vineyard! As spring begins the vine “awakes” from the vegetative rest of the winter period. The sap runs though the plant and the buds or shoots appear, which marks the beginning of the annual cycle. The first buds appear on the branch and they will grow