Information about grape juice production process

We aim to show you each of the stages of our unique process, which we call ‘Nothing But Grapes’. Our grape juice concentrate production process is designed to produce a quality product that meets the highest food safety standards.

It all starts with the cultivation and harvesting of the grapes, which are picked at the optimum moment of ripeness to maintain their quality. Through different controls and analyses, the grapes are fully traceable and their composition is known in detail.

Then, after the physical processing of the grapes, other actions are carried out depending on the final product we want to obtain. Filtering the grape juice concentrate is the last step before it is packaged and sent to our customers.

Storage capacity

Every season we are able to store more than 20 million litres of grape must at our own facilities. This storage capacity enables us to provide a range of grape varieties throughout the year, which we use to make our red & white grape juice concentrates.

Winter pruning

In Winter the vine remains in lethargy and vegetative rest and this is the ideal period to carry out this task. The goal of Pruning is to reduce the amount and length of the cane in order for the vine to produce less bunches, but in turn they will be of a higher quality. Pruning