Information about Julián Soler, exporter of grape juices and concentrates

Within this category, you can read information about Julián Soler as an exporter of grape juices and concentrates all over the world.

We intend to offer you our knowledge about grape juice concentrate and trends to help you make the best decisions before buying.

Today we export our NFC grape juices and concentrates to more than 48 countries on 5 continents. Our packaging and shipping service guarantees the safety and preservation of the grape’s properties.

Thanks to our refrigerated and frozen storage, we can export grape juice all year round in aseptic drums, containers, tankers and flexitrans and meet delivery deadlines.

As a party involved in end consumer consumption, we are also up to date with agri-food trends. For this reason, our laboratory and R&D department provides the know-how so that together, we can develop new solutions and achieve the desired product.

Increased production and diversification of products and solutions within the grape juice and concentrate industry at Julián Soler. Since our beginnings as grape juice concentrators in 1968, the significant increase in production experienced by Julián Soler over the years has been accompanied by technological innovation and diversification of products and solutions within the grape juice

Grape harvest and types of grapes

The grape harvest connects us even more to our roots. It is a period in which, with respect and great joy, we receive the fruit that nature gives us after the painstaking, careful and arduous work we carry out in the largest wine region in the world, Castilla La Mancha. This year, despite the persistent

There are more than 10,000 grape varieties worldwide, but few are as unique as Garnacha Tintorera. Join us to discover the characteristics and benefits that allow this variety to produce a unique grape juice concentrate in the world. The importance of our Garnacha Tintorera Learn about the origin of Garnacha Tintorera The multiple health benefits

We are all aware of the importance of the wine sector for the Spanish economy, but also for our society, as we have already mentioned in other articles. Wine is part of our history and the image of our country, another attraction for tourists and a sign of identity for our industries. A symbol of


Our brand evolves and with it, our digital media Photography becomes the protagonist of our website so we can show the world: • The authenticity of our grape• The unique process to make our grape juice concentrate• The passion, respect and commitment for our land• Innovation and Lean process improvement We are the ambassadors of

We updated our brand

We share with you the process of updating our brand. At Julián Soler, we are constantly evolving and every day we strive to offer an authentic and safe product of the highest quality.This evolution needs to be communicated through our branding, to create what we like the most: the relationship of trust with our clients

Team dynamics

A few days ago we employed some methods geared towards Team Dynamics. These techniques help improve the work environment and allow us to build more unified, more motivated and more human teams.

Closed for the holidays!

Please note that our office and factory will be closedFrom August 16th to August 20th (week 33)We will re-open on Monday 23 August Happy holidays to you all!

Unannounced audit

On the 16th of March, we carried out the unannounced audit of our food safety Certification FSSC22000 (standard recognized by GFSI). This audit was carried out by AENOR which was concluded successfully. At Julian Soler we support unannounced audits as guarantee for continuous improvement and a job well done.

Eco-friendly company

Nowadays many factories claim to be eco-friendly. You might even say it seems like a new concept, however, for us it is not. At Julian Soler we have been using clean and renewable energy for over 20 years in our production process. We use biomass to fuel our boilers and we have a photovoltaic installation