Information about Julián Soler, exporter of grape juices and concentrates

Within this category, you can read information about Julián Soler as an exporter of grape juices and concentrates all over the world.

We intend to offer you our knowledge about grape juice concentrate and trends to help you make the best decisions before buying.

Today we export our NFC grape juices and concentrates to more than 48 countries on 5 continents. Our packaging and shipping service guarantees the safety and preservation of the grape’s properties.

Thanks to our refrigerated and frozen storage, we can export grape juice all year round in aseptic drums, containers, tankers and flexitrans and meet delivery deadlines.

As a party involved in end consumer consumption, we are also up to date with agri-food trends. For this reason, our laboratory and R&D department provides the know-how so that together, we can develop new solutions and achieve the desired product.

Digital transformation

At Julian Soler we are in the midst of the digital transformation process. We are currently introducing a new ERP that will help us optimise the process of management within the company. We are opting for digitalisation as a growth impetus, though always with a people centred approach.

53 years of experience

The black and white image is of our first grape juice factory. It shows the construction of the first hopper to receive fresh grapes. The image in colour shows our current factory. Throughout these 53 years our Company has evolved, though it maintains its essence. We go for direct unloading of grapes in our own

CAAE Certificate

Last week, the Certification process of our Organic Grape Juice Concentrate was carried out by CAAE Certificación Agroalimentaria (Certification body specialising in organic production). Our Organic Grape Juice Concentrate is elaborated exclusively from Spanish organic grapes, completely free from pesticide residues. This product is environmentally friendly, sulphite and preservative free. Please contact us on if you would

Happy 2021!

“The twelve grapes” is a Spanish tradition which consists of eating twelve grapes in the exact moment that the 31st ends and the new year begins, the 1st of January. The twelve grapes symbolise the twelve months of the year. They ought to be eaten individually at each stroke of the clock. Following this tradition