Information about grape juice products and concentrates

At Julián Soler we work with different concentrated grape juices, using the Airén, Bobal or Garnacha Tintorera varieties depending on the result we want to obtain. Thus, we have white grape juice concentrate, red grape juice concentrate, high colour red grape juice concentrate and rectified grape juice concentrate.

Our grape juice concentrate is obtained from grape juice, from which we remove part of the water content by evaporation. It has 65/68º Brix and is used as a natural sweetener in fruit juices, wines and other foods.

The use of these concentrated juices is present in several productive sectors. They are not only used in the food industry but can also be found in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


The foliation appearance of the leaves occurs in May. The leaves perform vital functions during the grape cycle: transpiration, respiration, and photosynthesis. Acids and sugars are also formed in the leaves, which will then be transported to the vagus and on which the taste and quality of our grape juice will largely depend.

Red grape juice

Functional beverages are drinks that are beneficial to our health, for instance red grape juice. It contains natural antioxidants amongst which resveratrol stands out. In addition it has vitamin C and mineral such as potassium, copper and iron which contribute to a normal functioning cognitive. Recharge yourself with grape juice!

Vine Sprouting

We can already see the first buds in our vineyard! As spring begins the vine “awakes” from the vegetative rest of the winter period. The sap runs though the plant and the buds or shoots appear, which marks the beginning of the annual cycle. The first buds appear on the branch and they will grow

Garnacha Tintorera

Most red grapes varieties possess the colour only in its skin. On the inside they have a yellowish pulp with which red must of mild colour is derived, that must be macerated. However, the Garnacha Tintorera variety is special variety due to the fact that it has an intense coloured pulp. This variety of grape

La calidad del zumo de uva es importante

The Rectified Concentrated Grape Must is a grape juice which has had all components eliminated except for its own grape sugars (glucose and fructose). This product is pure grape sugar. It contains glucose and fructose in equal proportions and it does not contain sucrose. It is a colourless product, neutral an very stable with a

Health source

It is a myth that sugars in grape juice are bad for children.One small glass of 100% grape juice contains 15 g of natural sugars, but also provides vitamins and minerals, making it a useful addition to the diet. The sugars in are naturally present in the fruit, not added sugars. 100% grape juice contains

Winter pruning

In Winter the vine remains in lethargy and vegetative rest and this is the ideal period to carry out this task. The goal of Pruning is to reduce the amount and length of the cane in order for the vine to produce less bunches, but in turn they will be of a higher quality. Pruning