Information about grape juice products and concentrates

At Julián Soler we work with different concentrated grape juices, using the Airén, Bobal or Garnacha Tintorera varieties depending on the result we want to obtain. Thus, we have white grape juice concentrate, red grape juice concentrate, high colour red grape juice concentrate and rectified grape juice concentrate.

Our grape juice concentrate is obtained from grape juice, from which we remove part of the water content by evaporation. It has 65/68º Brix and is used as a natural sweetener in fruit juices, wines and other foods.

The use of these concentrated juices is present in several productive sectors. They are not only used in the food industry but can also be found in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Natural food coloring

At Julián Soler we produce grape juice concentrates for other companies to produce healthy juices and wines, but there are more applications of grape juice, both in the food production industry and in other sectors. One of the primary uses is the creation of natural colorants for food and beverages, which we achieve especially thanks

NFC juice producers

In Julián Soler we are producers of NFC, the juices that do not come from concentrates, but directly from the fruit. In our case, we obtain it through the processing of fresh grapes or, failing that, through the desulphitation of sulfur-containing grape juice concentrates. In this way, we obtain a product of the highest quality

Los azúcares naturales del zumo de uva ¿son saludables?

Wine is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, and there are so many varieties that there will always be one to suit every palate. For thousands of years, it has been part of the culture and life in society, and for years it has become an important pillar in the economy

We all know the important value that fresh, quality fruit has in a healthy and balanced diet. At Julián Soler we always bet on the best raw material to obtain a product of the highest quality, which allows us to obtain a grape juice concentrate without losing an iota of the properties and benefits of

Depending on the variety of grape used and the production process, the red juice may have richer or lesser color intensity, a feature that is highly demanded by our customers to sweeten and color naturally. Correct measurement is important to know what type of grape juice we can obtain. The most widespread measurement system is

What is grape juice concentrate?

The grape juice concentrate is the juice of the grape squeezed, before fermenting. The raw material that we use at Julián Soler is fresh grapes from our own vineyards and local farmers, which allows us to control traceability from start to finish. From the fresh grape, we extract the juices to make the grape juice

On November 16 we had a very special visit at the Julián Soler facilities in Quintanar del Rey. José María Fresneda, the president of ASAJA, the largest professional agrarian organization in Spain, came to see our VIDARTIS research project in person. The VIDARTIS project, directed by Ana Soler, our Quality Director, aims to study must

Garnacha Tintorera

Do you know why grape concentrate with high color is the most valued? This quality, in addition to containing the sugars and acids of the red grape, has a very high amount of polyphenols with significant antioxidant activity, among which resveratrol should be highlighted. At JULIAN SOLER we make this product from our Garnacha Tintorera


A correct calibration and verification of the weighing instruments is essential when carrying out any commercial transaction. At JULIAN SOLER we calibrate our scales every year, just before we start receiving fresh grapes, thus ensuring the weight of the delivered raw material to the farmer.

2021 New crop products

Are you looking for 100% grape juice concentrate? We can help you! The grape juice concentrate from our newest harvest is now available.We can supply NFC and white, red, high color tintorera, deionized grape juice concentrate. ✔ Virgin/Free SO2,✔ Bio/ecological,✔ Sustainable,✔ Baby-food.Contact us for more information